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**Recruitment Services Offered by CareForThemCare Limited**

At CareForThemCare Limited, we offer a range of recruitment services to our clients. Our services include:

- Temp staffing solutions
- Placement agency services
- Part-time, full-time to permanent recruitment services for various industries, including health and social care, home care, cleaning, warehouse, retail, and hospitality
- Expertise in emergency staffing needs to fulfill staffing shortages and immense conditions
- Staffing solutions for particular services
- Contract engagement of job seekers to help them through their career job and for organizations to achieve their objectives under the supervision of their services

Our mission is to provide excellent recruitment services to our clients and help job seekers achieve their career goals. We are confident in our ability to fulfill our clients' staffing needs and provide expert services to various industries.

Our Multi-task Services

Comprehensive Pre-Screening Services

Pre-Employment Screening Services by Careforthemcare Ltd Screening

Bullet Points:
- Our pre-employment screening services are designed to protect your business from reputational and financial risk
- We have over 5 years of experience in the health industry enrolment services and a team of over 4 screening experts dedicated to helping you hire the right people for your business
- We offer a wide range of pre-employment checks, including criminal record checks (DBS checks), identity verification solutions, right to work checks, and other verifications, with over 10 workforce checks available
- Our background screening services are available 24/7, and our vetting specialists will work alongside you to provide the best solution for your business needs
- We have conducted checks across countries in the past 12 months, and our wealth of experience spans across various industries, including policing, financial services, health, and education

Tone of voice: Professional and informative

- All checks are conducted by our UK-based experts, and we can carry out background checks internationally with no time zone limitations.

Staffing screening services

- A professional Recruitment, hiring and Staffing solutions Agency committed to providing excellent health & social care and others industrials services to clients.
- Offers pre-employment screening services to ensure staff are fully vetted and qualified to provide the best possible services.
- Provides end-to-end staff vetting or one-off checks to meet clients' screening needs.
- Dedicated to caring for loved ones utmost professionalism and compassion

Exceptional Staffing Solutions

**Care For Them Care Limited: Your Business Support for Staffing, Hiring, and Recruitment**
- Customer recruitment agency to help you find the right candidates for your organisation and private base domestic help
- Recruitment for various roles, including customer office service - to hotel receptionist, health and social care, homes and office cleaning assistant, warehouse and multi-task talent domestic workers
- Throughout the UK and access to a network of customer service specialists
- Our recruitment service saves you time, so you can focus on running your business

 Unmatched Recruitment Services

**Care For Them Care Limited: Your Partner in Permanent Recruitment**
- Specialises in home and office cleaning, staffing, hiring, and recruitment
- Establishes strong rapport with clients and their organizations
- Offers tailored permanent recruitment solutions to meet specific needs
- Provides expert advice, compliance and screening checks, interview support, and post-placement reviews
- Dedicated to ensuring a smooth onboarding experience for both clients and candidates

Temporary & contract Recruitment

Why Choose Careforthemcare for Temporary and Contract Recruitment?
- Excellent temporary and contract recruitment services
- Experienced and highly skilled consultants
- Flexible and bespoke approach to temporary recruitment
- Finding the right match for your company is our top priority

Nurse Writing on Clipboard

**Expert Healthcare Professionals for Your Health Needs**
Our team of domestic support workers, healthcare assistants, and agency nurses are here to provide the best possible care

for you or your loved ones. Trustworthy and caring, we offer:
- Expert healthcare services from experienced professionals
- A team of domestic support workers, healthcare assistants, and agency nurses
- Personalised care tailored to your specific
- Compassionate and reliable service you can count on

How "Careforthemcare Ltd" can help you find the right staff:

- What can do for both private and business, we provide and offer staff for your organisation or individuals  with thier individual needs that our specialises in staffing, hiring, and recruitment will visit if require us to perform task at various destination.
- Our Recruitment Solution is top-notch, and we pride ourselves on being an excellent Recruiter and have peace of mind.
- At Careforthemcare Ltd, we are committed to finding the right staff for you.
- Our team is motivated to provide staff that is dedicated to making a positive impact in our community care.
- We offer a range of services for individuals struggling with old age, spectrum efficiency disabilities, dementia and brain injury with mental health issues, and drug abuse problems.
- Our staff is involved in a variety of domestic house helps, outdoor, entertainment and shopping, preparing meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner, domiciliary caregivers, and social activities that aim to improve people's lives during their time of need.

Why Choose CareForThemCare Limited?

- Top-notch recruitment solution provider
- Specialising in staffing, hiring, and recruitment
- Services offered to both private individuals and businesses
- Staff tailored to individual needs
- Committed to finding the right staff at local and international for you
- Excellent recruiter that you can trust, we deliver and we are here for you
- Range of services offered, not only health and social care services staffing, which including domiciliary caregivers, social activities, home specialist, home and office vacuuming, cleaning services, hospitalities care, lived in care, respite care, complex need care, autism, mental health care, we are willing working with partnership NHS team in hospital, outpatient with discharged support care, shopping, entertainment and other domestic house help
- Aimed at improving the organisations and private person emergency support staffing and cover staffing allocation, lives of individuals struggling with old age, disabilities, dementia, brain injury, mental health issues, and drug abuse problems
- Dedicated staff making a positive impact in our community care and in the industries operative works
- Just to give you a peace of mind knowing that you are in good hands with CareForThemCare Limited

Doctor's Visit
**Our Promise for Your Loved One's Health and Happiness:**
- We provide exceptional care for your loved ones

**Our Services at Careforthemcare Agency**
- Promotion of well-being as a primary objective
- Enhancement of care services to improve quality of life
- Tailored services to meet unique needs of clients
- Dedicated team of professionals providing compassionate care
- Empowering and uplifting care experience for those in need

Our Vision and Mission

**About Careforthemcare Limited:**

- Our vision is to empower individuals and organisations to achieve their full potential opportunities through continuous, staffing, enrolment, learning and development.

- Our mission is to provide top-notch training courses that enhance knowledge, upgrade skills, and create career opportunities.

- We offer a diverse range of courses, including business administration, service management, support training for self-development, and public administration, to help you stay updated in the ever-evolving area of recruitment solution and management.

- Join us today and take the first step towards achieving your goals.

Asian woman having a job interview

Meet the Team of Human Resources

**About Careforthemcare Limited:**

At Careforthemcare Limited, we offer exceptional recruitment and temporary staffing services to help our clients build a skilled workforce. In addition, we provide administrative management solutions to streamline operations and maximize cover staffing 24/7.'s what sets us apart* Dedicated team of experts committed to finding the most suitable candidates for your organization
* administrative management services, including on-boarding, payroll processing, and HR management
* Focus on taking care of the details so that you can concentrate on your core business
* Mission to help you achieve your goals and succeed in a highly competitive market

Choose Careforthemcare Limited for all your staffing and administrative management needs, and experience the difference that comes with working with a trusted partner.

Empowering Your Job Search Through Rehabilitation & Therapies

- Comprehensive rehabilitation services
- Personalized therapy consultations
- Assistance in achieving your career goals
- Empowerment for your job search

Nurse with Protective Mask
Streamline Your Business with Our Administrative Management Experts

- Looking for administrative management experts for your personnel care agency?
- Let us handle your administrative tasks efficiently at [Personnel Care agency].

Get to Know Us

**Why Choose Careforthemcare Limited?**
- Top-notch care services
- Personnel with expertise
- License nurses dedicated to delivering high-quality care
- Ensuring clients receive the best possible care
- Exceptional care and support for your loved ones

Our Passion for Empowering
Success on Both Ends

Q: What does Careforthemcare recruitment Limited offer?
A: We offer comprehensive HR cover role services to our clients and organizations, helping them find the right candidates. Our team of dedicated HR recruitment professionals have the expertise and experience to provide support to employers of all sizes, whether they are looking for a permanent or temporary HR cover role.

Q: What types of candidates does Careforthemcare recruitment Limited offer?
A: Our recruitment agency offers a variety of candidates with different skill sets, experience levels, and backgrounds. We work with our clients to understand their needs and find the best candidates to meet their specific requirements.

Q: Does Careforthemcare recruitment Limited offer permanent and temporary HR cover role services?
A: Yes, we offer both permanent and temporary HR cover role services to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Team Help Team when it matters!!
We Cover Your Temporary Staffing Allocation and Recruitment

Q: What is Careforthemcare Recruitment Limited?

A: Careforthemcare Recruitment Limited is an employment and recruitment agency that specialises in providing temporary staff to businesses in the healthcare sector. We are committed to providing high-quality staffing solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

Q: Do you offer any other services besides temp staffing?

A: Yes, our team works together to identify and resolve any issues that may arise during our temp staff's time with your organization. We can also provide technical assistance and hiring cover stand recruitment if needed. Our team is available 24/7 for emergency support, and we collaborate with colleagues to ensure the best solutions are provided.

Q: How can I contact Careforthemcare Recruitment Limited?

A: You can contact us by phone or email. Our team is available around the clock to provide support for any technical staffing issues you may have.

Introducing the Careforthemcare  Recruitment consultant Team

About Careforthemcare Recruitment Limited
Bullet points:
- Leading employment and recruitment agency
- Committed to providing innovative staffing solutions to businesses
- Our team of Interviewers and recruiting Personnel are dedicated to finding the perfect candidate for your needs
- We offer both permanent hire and temporary worker options
- As the Team Leader, we work collaboratively to ensure that our clients receive the best possible service
- Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business with our exceptional recruitment services.

Find Your Dream Job with Our Specialists


 About Careforthemcare Limited
- Specializes in recruitment and staffing solutions
- Connects candidates with the right job opportunities
- Helps employers find the perfect fit for their staffing needs
- Admin officers ensure accuracy and completeness of all candidate documents
- Organizes resumes, references, and other relevant paperwork
- Strives to make the recruitment process seamless for both candidates and employers
- Committed to excellence and attention to detail in all aspects of the recruitment process

The Key to Our Success: Strong Leadership

About Careforthemcare Limited

- Providing exceptional services in the public sector
- Led by a strong team of leaders
- Passionate about providing the best possible care to clients
- Committed to excellence in all aspects of our work
- a supportive and nurturing environment for clients and team members alike
- Trust us to provide the highest quality care in the industry.


Our action plan for Human Resources Staffing management at your organisation, Hiring and recruitment includes:

Ensure Safe Working Conditions with Our Help

Why Choose Careforthemcare Limited Recruitment Agency
- prioritize your health and safety at work.
- Our team of experts collaborates with home care, private residential care, and partner organizations to provide support and guidance.
- We ensure working with our help creates a safe environment for you, your clients, and your colleagues.
- Our temporary staffing is trained on health and safety matters to promote a healthy and safe working environment for all.

Compassionate Care from Trained Carers

Company Address:

26 Excalibur Close,

Ifield West

Crawley, RH110PA

West Sussex~ United Kingdom

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